About Kibo

Kibo is an innovative Kenyan brand that seeks to provide safe and reliable mobility for all, from the base of the socioeconomic pyramid to the growing middle class, private individuals, micro entrepreneurs and all organisations.
As motorcycles play a key role in Africa’s mobility, Kibo’s first solution is its flagship K150 motorcycle. Designed in Holland, made in Kenya and built for Africa, it is proudly the first purpose-built motorbike, with more to come.

At Kibo, each motorcycle includes advanced rider training, a warranty and top-class accessories. After-sales servicing is available for all our customers. With our roots in the Dutch social enterprise Koneksie, we focus on creating true value for all by addressing social problems in emerging markets.

The K150 Flagship Model

The first purpose built motorcycle for Africa, it is an impressive machine with big capabilities. Not only is the K150 tough enough to withstand the most extreme terrain in Africa’s unpaved roads, it is versatile enough to keep up with its operator’s ever changing payload.

Kibo Plant

Kibo’s assembly plant is in Nairobi, Kenya. This is where the K150 motorcycle is made. Kibo’s mission is to steadily increase production of the K150 and future models, creating jobs in manufacturing, transferring knowledge and producing motorcycles for both domestic and export markets.

We believe that safe and reliable transport is a key pillar of economic development and want it to be available to everyone.

Pro training, accessories, and after-sales support add-ons ensure you’re getting more than just a world-class machine.

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